Potomac Curling Club League Policies

Age Limit

The minimum age for participation in leagues is 16 years old unless certified by the PCC Junior Coordinators. Birthday cutoff dates are on or before October 1 for the first half and on or before January 1 for the second half.


A consistent policy will govern all leagues. A coordinator with the greatest knowledge of the abilities and development of junior curlers will assist in identifying any appropriate mentors and league environments.

Prerequisite for Skips’ Draft Leagues

The minimum experience for participation in skips’ draft leagues is one half season but less is possible at the discretion of the league coordinator.


Members with a minimum of one half season need a consistent environment to focus on the next steps in their development. As such, these members will become better teachers and trainers for new curlers sooner and potentially longer, within other leagues. Participants in Olympic year mini-leagues are considered to have the minimum experience as are Olympic members who participated in five or more games and a Learn to Curl.

5 & Under Teams

5 & Under teams may only play in leagues that formally allow team entries.


Members of 5 & Under teams will develop efficiently while playing with more experienced members and mentors in other leagues that are meant to provide a balanced environment. Players will then have more to share with each other as they bring their skills together when playing as a 5 & Under team.

2015-2016: Leagues allowing team entry are Capital League and Thursday League as well as daytime programs.


All leagues will have playoffs.


Playoffs provide a structure for schedule expectations and goal setting. Playoffs lead to the league championship.

Large Leagues

If a league is too large to complete at least a single complete round robin in the weeks allotted, it must split into divisions.


All members deserve to understand a predictable path to playoffs. An incomplete round robin creates an environment of uncertainty as to how teams compare and qualify for playoffs.

Playoff size

No more than eight teams can qualify for a league’s playoffs.


All members deserve to anticipate a simple playoff system and its dates on the calendar.

Playoff qualification tiebreakers are determined by each league in their Conditions of Play. Point differentials and number of ends won may not be used. If they are not defined by the league, these tiebreakers will apply instead: If teams are tied for playoff positions, the position will be determined first by (1) head to head record. If ties still exist, the positions will be determine by (2) inter-division record (if applicable). If ties still remain, (3) progressive record against top teams will direct position.


Rewarding point differentials and ends won unnecessarily impacts game strategy which can lead to ineffective teaching of strategy. It also extends games that would be more appropriately conceded, which should be learned as part of good sportsmanship and etiquette.

Approved by the Board of Directors August 19, 2015