Our Mission

Goals & Objectives

  1. Assure membership satisfaction
    • Provide a quality and enjoyable curling experience
      • Ice area facilities
      • On-ice Atmosphere
    • Provide a quality social experience
    • Provide an attractive, welcoming, and comfortable facility
    • Create a sense of community among the members
    • Provide clear and open communication paths to/from the members
    • Create a reasonable dues structure
  2. Further develop the public image and understanding of the sport through
    • Education and training
    • Developing a competitive curling program that generates team and club recognition at the regional and national level
  3. Develop high quality programs and facilities that can serve as a model for growing the sport in the 21st century
    • Have an outstanding curling facility
      • Best ice
      • Attractive and functional club facilities
    • Outstanding curling programs and events
      • Bonspiels
      • Colleges and high schools
  4. Foster volunteerism to promote the PCC mission and goals.