Our Flags

When our brand new facility first opened in 2002 the ice shed was just plain old boring. Just white all over, with the exception of the four flags over the far end. You all know them, The United States, Maryland, Canada, and Scotland.

The following season a few more flags appeared, representing the Canadian provinces and states that our members were from. You may recall that they were arranged on the sheet “D” side wall. They were arranged from left to right reflecting geographic North to South. Most people didn’t recognize that pattern.

Since then we’ve added more flags, and nobody knows where they come from. In most cases they are donated by members or guests, and represent home states or countries. Yes, we’ve had members from Brazil, Greece, and Croatia. The flags are inexpensive (not cheap considering what they stand for) and colorful.
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The colors here may seem a bit different from the colors on the flags, however some are old and may be faded, and the web source(s) could be wrong too. To give them credit, the flag images are from www.flags.net/ and a search tool for flags is http://flagspot.net/flags/