Logos & Other Graphics

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Who’s got the logo?

Every so often the webmaster gets a request for one of our club logos. It could be the anniversary logo, the regular logo, the National Capital Curling Center (NCCC) logo, or something else that slips my (usually vacant) mind. Because I need to dig through the archives and find whatever someone is looking for, the light bulb finally illuminated and I decided to put them all in one “help yourself” location. Did I miss any? Of course. Let me know if I’ve accidentally omitted one of your favorites. Where I have multiple sizes, I’ve included the largest because they can be reduced with better clarity than they can be enlarged. If you need them cropped or resized, and don’t have a good graphics program, I recommend the use of Irfanview. It’s free for personal use and is quite comprehensive and well recommended.

Simply click the image and it will open in a new window. You can then download the image to your local PC, it’s a “right click and save as” for Windows users. Linux and Mac users – you’re on your own!

Also available as an eps file for huge prints

Also available as an eps file for huge prints

Our 50th anniversary logo, a limited time offer

Our 50th anniversary logo, as implemented by thepinpeople.ca. Manufacturing restrictions forced minor changes, but it’s still the comparable logo.

And finishing up our anniversary contest is the ever popular runner-up, Washington Swept Here (or as a pdf file)

We usually have a border of text on the right and bottom, new for each year’s bonspiel.

the largest ones we have

Rock corner markers in either
Red or Yellow