Game Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer was written in January 2012 for the Chesapeake Curling Club. The intended purpose is to allow curling rinks on the ice to monitor their progress and keep games moving. The recommended use is that when the screen turns red, teams are allowed to finish the end they are playing, but not to start another. As a warning, the screen (optionally) turns yellow at a predetermined time before the timer runs out. All times, and font size, are configurable at run time, with the ability to choose between counting down to zero and up to a specific time limit such as 1 hour 50 minutes. Defaults are easily changed with the text editor (notepad?) of your choice.

In January 2013, at the request of visitors from Nutmeg, sound was added, and in May of 2013, both versions of the Countdown Timer were moved to their permanent home on

If perchance you are looking for the CurlClock used for the timing of competitive events, it is located at

Questions? contact the author, Howard Griffin.