Curling Supplies & Equipment

Need a slider or broom? Our local curling club store can get you almost anything you need for curling and at a good price. A portion of the proceeds from each sale go to support the PCC. We have slip-on sliders, gloves, and brushes in stock.

Here are some of the items we have “in-stock”, with approximate prices. Please check with our equipment sales coordinator our

  • Slip-on Sliders – Half (specify XS, S, M or L)
  • Slip-on Sliders – Full (specify S, M, L, or XL)
  • Gripper (Specify XS, S, M, L, or XL)
  • Pins (A variety are available ) $3-$5
  • Brooms (Several types available)
  • PCC clothing (Ball caps, fleece pullovers etc.)

We can always special order brooms and other items, but shoes are too personal and we can not keep enough sizes in stock, so you’ll need to order from a reputible supplier.

Each league has an equipment sales coordinator who can place your order or sell you any in-stock merchandise.

Accepted forms of payment are major credit cards, checks made payable to “Potomac Curling Club”, and cash is always good.

Online Curling Supply Stores

Several web sites for curling supply stores offer a wider range of items. There may be extra charges for shipping and handling. Shipping from the U.S. may be easier than from Canada, so ask about customs and import duties.

Overall Equipment Sales Coordinator Harvey Chalmers