Curling Safety

Curling is a winter sport, played on ice. Ice is slippery, hard, cold, and wet. When normal caution is ignored, you can discover any or all of those facets, probably in that order.

    • Warm up before the game. Stretching and warming muscles before going out onto the ice can help prevent injury.
    • Step onto the ice gripper-foot first. Never use your slider foot to step onto the ice.
    • Always be careful when stepping off the ice. Always put your slider foot up first.
    • Never stop a rock with your hand. Your fingers can be crushed, especially if the rock hits another rock while you’re trying to stop it.

  • Never use your foot to stop a fast-moving rock. You could lose your balance and fall. Use your broom to stop a rock.
  • Always carry your broom, which you can use to avoid or break a fall in case you lose your balance.
  • Watch for stray rocks and prevent rocks from going onto another sheet.
  • Keep the rocks on the ice at all times. Slide the rocks-never lift them.
  • Keep your feet on the ice. Walk or slide, never hop or run.
  • Keep your weight on the balls of your feet. If it’s on your heels, you tend to fall backwards and bonk your head.
  • If you can’t keep up with a fast-moving rock while sweeping, just let it go. It’s not worth the risk of falling and your sweeping will probably be ineffective.
  • Never go onto the ice when your balance is impaired from sickness, excessive alcohol, etc.

Before you curl at PCC you’ll need to fill out a Liability Release Form.  Download our Liability Release, 2012-2013 (Adult) (pdf) or our Liability Release, 2012-2013 (Youth) (pdf).