Books & Videos

Curling Books – The books, which are mostly published in Canada, are available online at commercial vendors.

Curling for Dummies Bob Weeks
Curling: The History, the Players, the Game Warren Hansen
The Joy of Curling: A Celebration Ed Lukowich, Eigil Ramsfjell, Bud Somerville
Curling to Win Ed Lukowich, Al Hackner, Rick Lang
Power Curling Ed Lukowich
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Curling Rod Bolton, Ann Douglas
The Brier: A History of Canada’s Curling Championship Bob Weeks
Gold on Ice: The Story of the Sandra Schmirler Team Guy Scholz

Curling on the Internet – Of course, where else would you find videos explaining curling?

Curling Explained: Infographic of the day
Physics of curling: A few formulas on this physics blog
Physics of curling: Podcast from the University of Northern British Columbia Flash video explaining (?) how rocks curl
Science of Winter Olympics: Scroll down for a 5 minute video “Science Friction” on It’s also on the National Science Foundation web site.
Teaching material: gives school teachers lesson plans featuring curling rocks and friction
YouTube logo has more curling videos than you can imagine
Championship shot: Jennifer Jones’ BEST curling shot ever
Curling Stones: How curling stones are made
Mixed Doubles: Explanation of the differences between doubles and “regular” four person curling
Dare to Curl: USCA 6 minute introductoin to curling
Making Arena Ice: CCA video (22 minutes) on how to make arena curling ice
Top Ten: And we finish with David Letterman’s top ten
There are also a variety of pamphlets, videos and other resources at the websites of the United States Curling Association(USCA) and the Canadian Curling Association (CCA).