Sponsorship Opportunities at the National Capital Curling Center

Sponsorship Advantage

The Potomac Curling Club is located at the National Capital Curling Center (NCCC), in Laurel, Maryland, adjacent to The Gardens Ice House complex. The facility maintains four sheets (playing surfaces) of world class quality curling ice, a kitchen, dressing rooms, and a warm room (lounge) for socializing and spectating.

Current club participation consists of over 170 men, women, and children of all ages (curling is a social, family-oriented sport) from the metro Washington, D.C. and Baltimore regions. The curling season runs from October into April, and the club is used virtually every day of the week during that period. During an average week, over 200 people pass through the NCCC to play, receive lessons, spectate, or volunteer.

In addition to regular leagues for local members, the club will host six national, regional, and local competitions on weekends during the 2016-2017 – events that will attract up to 200 participants and spectators.

Below is an outline of the many sponsorship opportunities available to promote your business during the upcoming curling season. You’ll have a wide audience of members, participants, and spectators. Please see our brochure for exact locations of each option.

Check out the sponsorship options below or contact us for more information.

Sidewall Banner

3’x5′ Vinyl Banner hung along the side wall of the ice house.
Priced by location per banner:
(1) – $600, (2) – $550, (3) – $500 (This price includes production cost for the banner.)

Scoreboard Banner

2’x9′ Vinyl Banner hung above the scoreboard at the end of the ice house (everyone looks at the scoreboard!).
Per Scoreboard (4 available): $700 (This price includes production cost for the banner.)

In-Ice Banner

3’x4′ logo or banner embedded in the ice at the spectator end of the ice house just before the blue “hog” line.
Per Sheet (4 available): $800 (This price includes the banner printed on perforated material made to be embedded in curling ice.)

In-Ice Button Logo

2′ diameter embedded circle located in the center of the house at either end of the ice. This premium location affords every player and spectator a close up view of your message through both line of site and on our closed circuit top of the house camera and TV system.

Per Sheet, both ends (4 available): $1000 (This price includes the logo printed on perforated material made to be embedded in curling ice.)

Contact us to place your sponsorship at PCC.